San Diego State University

Graduate Student Research Project Wins Provost Award at the 2016 SDSU Student Research Symposium

Two groups of students in our School of Nursing Graduate program recently displayed poster presentations of their first semester research projects at the SDSU Student Research Symposium.

three SON students

Ashley Stowers, Anna Woertler, and Unja Kim

Unka Kim, Nyree Van Maarseven, Ashley Stowers, Molly Lockwood, Andrea Chaldek, and Anna Woertler, students in the Women’s Health and Midwifery concentration, were chosen to receive the Provost Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation.  For their research project entitled, “Chorioamnionitis and Vaginal Examinations in Labor” (pdf), the students explored the current knowledge, attitudes, and practices of healthcare providers regarding vaginal exams and chorioamnionitis, an infection of the placental membranes and amniotic fluid that is associated with serious complications for both mother and baby.

three students

Anthony Interrante, Juliann Eigner, and Phillip Garibotto

Rebecca Castaneda, Juliann Eigner, Phillip Garibotto, Forrest Hooper, and Anthony Interrante, students in the Advanced Practice Nursing concentration also displayed an impressive poster at the symposium highlighting their study on “Nursing Attitudes Toward Physician Assisted Suicide” (pdf).   For this project, both pre- and post-licensure nurses were surveyed on attitudes toward euthanasia and mindfulness.

Both research studies, as well as the poster presentations, were completed under the supervision of SON faculty member, Dr. Catherina Madani, instructor for the graduate research course.

Congratulations on the great work and wonderful representation of our graduate nursing program!