San Diego State University

Entering Freshman Curriculum

Freshmen new to the SDSU School of Nursing / Freshmen entering Fall 2015 will be assigned to Map 1 or Map 2 for their plan of study.  Students will continue in the Schedule (Map) assigned throughout the program unless there is a reason for a break in progress through the program.  The curriculum is designed to be completed in four years.

SDSU Requirements

In addition to the nursing-specific coursework, all candidates for a degree in applied arts and sciences must complete the requirements listed in the “Graduation Requirements” section of the SDSU General Catalog.

International Experience

All BS in Nursing students (including incoming freshmen students, continuing SDSU students, transfer students, second baccalaureate students, and RN to BS students) participate in an international experience to increase awareness of cross-cultural issues, global health, economic, political, cultural, social services, and health challenges experienced by local populations in international environments. Students participate in residence for two or more weeks (exceptions must be approved by the dean of the college for students who, because of serious and compelling life events or physical limitations, cannot meet this requirement).

Specific details can be found on the CHHS Undergraduate International Experience web site.




last updated: 6/26/2015