San Diego State University

MS Requests for Transfer Credit

Procedure to Request Evaluation for Transfer Credit

It is typically rather difficult to transfer between programs, but it is possible with limitations. Each course you would like to transfer must be evaluated in terms of equivalency with required courses in our program.  

*Note that SDSU limits graduate transfer credits to a total of 12 units.  

The first consideration is whether you qualify for admission to our program.  Before you take any other steps, you should examine our admission criteria and only proceed if you believe that you would qualify. 

Once you determine that you meet our eligibility requirements, take the following steps:  

  1. Examine the course requirements for our program.  This involves reviewing the Graduate Bulletin for the required course list for your desired program and the course descriptions for each course.
  2. Identify which courses you have completed at your institution and determine which you believe are equivalent to one or more of our courses.
  3. Complete the Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation Form (pdf)
    • Right-click the above link, and save the pdf to your computer (Opening the file directly in your web browser will not allow your field entries to be saved).
    • Double-click the file to open it.
    • Complete the form electronically, then save the completed form. Complete and save additional forms as needed for additional coursework.
    • Email the completed form(s) to
    • It is acceptable to complete the form by hand and to email a scan of the completed form.
  4. Send the following to the SDSU SON Graduate Advisor at
    • Your CV and transcripts of all academic coursework following high school graduation.
    • Your completed Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation Form with the information for each course you would like considered for transfer and which of our courses you believe it matches in terms of equivalency (units and content).
    • The course syllabus and detailed topical outline for each course you would like to be evaluated.  

If an initial review of your qualifications indicates that you may be eligible for admission, we will conduct a detailed evaluation of transferability of your completed courses.  

All transfer students must still complete the SDSU Graduate admission process during the admission period that opens October 1st of the year prior to the year of admission.

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Advisor at




last updated: 7/18/2017