San Diego State University

Policy & Procedure

This policy applies to the following students:

  • students who have received an unsatisfactory grade in a nursing course: Unsatisfactory grades include all grades of C minus and below or “Withdraw” with unsatisfactory grades.
  • students who have withdrawn from the course, with a passing grade, and are attempting to re-enter.
  • students who are on an approved or unapproved leave of absence.
  • students who are on approved part time study.
  • students who are transferring into the SDSU School of Nursing from other nursing schools.
  • non-SDSU School of Nursing students requesting permission to take a single course.


  • Students who want to be considered for space available re-entry must file a space available form no later than two weeks after the grades are posted.  Important: Students in current semester may not file a space available form until their final grades are posted. Any space available form filed prior to final grade will be disregarded.
  • Students requesting space available will be considered, based on the following order of priorities:
    • Students on an approved leave of absence and students with an approved part time plan of study.
    • Students who have withdrawn with a passing grade (C and above, C- is not a passing grade)
    • Students who have applied to return to a specific course due to a nonpassing grade in the course.
    • Students who are transferring into the SDSU School of Nursing from another nursing program.
    • Students who are requesting permission to take a single course through Open University.
  • In addition to the above priorities, the School of Nursing will take into account the student’s previous course performance, the reason for their request and the content of their application.
  • Students who have waited out a semester due to lack of space for a course will have priority over students who have petitioned for the first time for space availability.
  • Transfer students applying for space availability will be selected by lottery each semester if not all applicants can be accommodated. There will be no roll-over priority for transfer students.
  • The School of Nursing will contact students regarding the status of their application, one week before the start of classes.