Research Interests

Beverly Carlson, PhD, RN, CNS, CCRN-K, FAHA

  • Research Interests: Community based participatory research in the rural and primarily Hispanic population in the Imperial Valley; self-care (including adherence and symptom assessment and management), perceived health, health-related quality of life and hospitalization in patients with heart disease and other chronic illnesses.
  • Current Projects: Community Engagement in Research in Rural Areas and the Hispanic Population (UCSD CTRI); What is the Relationship Between Self-Reported Health and Biomarkers in a Cohort of Adults at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease? (Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention); Perceptions of Nurses and Social Workers Providing End-of-Life Care in a Rural Acute Care Setting on the US-Mexican Border; Development and Feasibility Testing of a Multicomponent Implementation Strategy for Reproductive Health Care in a Rural, Community Oncology Setting (pending, SDSU/UCSD Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership).

Lauren P. Hunter, PhD, CNM

  • Research Interests: Evidence based nurse midwifery care; midwifery presence; sleep in pregnancy; fear of childbirth; phenomenological hermeneutical research.

Julie Graham, PhD, APRN, ACCNS-AG


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